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AKA has its own reality show

The American Kickboxing Academy is getting in on the MMA reality show racket with The Fight Factory, a show on Nuvo that’s set to debut in August.

Blood is shed and champions are made in this intense behind-the-scenes look inside AKA gym, where MMA legends like Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier and Jon Fitch grapple with the personal and professional pitfalls and triumphs that create true sports heroes.

Fight Factory also deconstructs the recent headline-grabbing conflict between MMA champ Josh Koscheck and AKA owner Javier Mendez and traces the rise of promising MMA rookies like Gabriel Carrasco and the return of embattled but determined fighter Phil Baroni.

Maybe Josh was getting sick of film crews living in the gym? Between the Such Great Heights documentary and this NuvoTV thing, some fighters were probably starting to feel like an exhibit at the zoo. “WE’RE HUMAN BEINGS, DAMNIT!” But whatever loss of privacy they had to suffer is worth it in my perspective just to get Phil Baroni on a reality show. That’s like chocolate and peanut butter right there. Alas, the show is only available for those who have the NuvoTV channel (wink wink, internet).