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Affliction’s loss is Strikeforce’s win

Strikeforce has done an awesome job of shoring up the holes in it’s August 15th event with the corpses from Affliction’s demise. Yesterday they announced that they had saved Babalu vs Mousasi (the only other fight I gave more than a casual shit about), and now they’ve snapped up Jay Heiron and are sticking him onto the card against Nick Diaz. Jay is one of those pretty good guys who can never seem to win the big fights (unless you consider winning an IFL belt a ‘big fight’), and I have very little doubt August 15th will be any different. But he’s a better challenge than Joe 50/50 Riggs (50/50 chance of actually stepping into the cage), so I’ll take it!

Also vying for the Nick Diaz fight was Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley, but we kinda already saw how that fight would go when he lost to Jake Shields. Still, as far as I’ve been able to tell from interviews with his manager, Paul is effectively a free agent right now. On a recent radio show I was bitching about the UFC’s UK suckage and how they’re idiots for not scouting and signing the real talent floating around Britain, and Daley is a perfect example of this.

They can’t see into the future so I can understand how they’d sleep on Marius Zaromskis, but Paul Daley has been knocking motherfuckers out consistantly for years and yet the UFC hasn’t touched him. I’m sure it’s hard for them to understand how someone like Daley can think he’s worth a little more than the standard 8k/8k payscale normally given to incoming fighters, but come on now. The UFC are idiots for not signing this guy the very day Dana and the gang decided they were coming back to London.