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Affliction’s July 19th warm-up is set

Regardless of if you plan on watching UFC Fight Night or the Affliction pay-per-view on July 19th, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t tune in to Fox Sports Net (or the Fight Network) earlier on before making your final choice:

In particular, the main event for the free broadcast will feature the U.S. debut of Aleksander Emelianenko (13-3) — the younger brother of the man who many believe to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko. He will take on Paul Buentello (23-10) in what looks to be a good old fashioned, heavyweight slugfest. Prior to that, there will be a light heavyweight bout featured that pits Vitor Belfort (16-8) against the hard-hitting Terry Martin (16-4).

The best thing about this situation is it will give you an idea of how the pay-per-view will go … if the announcers are fucking annoying (aka if they ask Mauro Ranallo to tone it down or not), if the production is ghetto, and if the show just looks like a total cock-up or not. Thus far, Affliction seems to have been willing to throw money at all their potential problems so I’d certainly hope they’re hiring a top notch crew to handle the taping and direction of the show. But it’s nice to know that we get a look under the hood and a kick at the tires before having to pay for anything.

  • Alexander Emilianko should be popular with the Affliction wearing mma fans since hes covered in tattoos. He’s the more intimating of the two if you’ve never seen either in a fight.

  • Denton says:

    Even if Vitor shows up all Kerr-esque and whatnot, Martin is probably going to be destroyed. Too bad it wasn’t Aleksander vs Vitor, what a GREAT fuckin fight that’d be. I see, in that match, Vitor neutralizing Aleks comparable to how he fought Heath Herring. But Aleks may be a notch or two above Heath, so I don’t know. Still, I’m looking forward to both fights with uber anticipation.

  • Márcio says:

    Isn’t Belfort actually dropping down to middleweight? I think I read that somewhere, but I might be wrong.
    Great fights in the Affliction’s undercad by the way, can’t wait.

  • D. Capitated says:

    Vitor neutralizing Heath Herring? Huh? I remember that being perhaps the worst decision in PRIDE’s history.

  • Vitors been training at Xtreme Couture so he should at least have better training.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Aleksander is going to absolutely destroy Paul Buentello. I think there is a fair possibility that Buentello’s head may land outside the ring and in someone’s lap. How’s that for a door prize?

    You can put Terry Martin down for a serious beating as well. I don’t know if Vitor’s KO will be as impressive as James Irvin’s flying knee but it should fun to watch nonetheless.

    I plan on buying the Affliction show and DVR’ing the UFC card. Can’t wait.

  • Victor Belfort always disappoints hasent been the “phenom” in a long time.

  • Higgz says:

    Vitor’s weightclass probably is a mistake since Terry Martin typically fights at middleweight.

  • godzillad says:

    uuummmm….Vitor vs Martin is at 185.

  • Royal, King of Monsters says:

    Giving Fox Sports the undercard is like giving CBS the Olympics.

    They get totally lost in the narrative and in the end, you end up seeing some of the action at four in the morning.

    Unless you’re not American. then you’re fucked.

  • _vendetta says:

    Isn’t Big John Commentating for affliction?