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Affliction’s COO is a cocksmith

Affliction is trying to be all “Whatevah this is good!” regarding the ‘postponement’ of it’s October 11th card. I wasn’t going to take them to task that hard about it on account of not really giving a shit about their spin attempt, but this comment from COO Mike Cohen irked me to the point where I felt like saying something:

“When we make the announcement, the reasons for this will all be self-evident,” Cohen said. “The difference is, we’re not just announcing a toy line.”

Oh, snap! That burn would be better if it didn’t come from someone trying to justify the reason they had to cut and run outta Vegas with their tail between their legs. Affliction isn’t admitting that the UFC had anything to do with that situation, which is too bad because it would have been a great cover up for the incompetence that has led to the cancellation of their event. And let’s be clear about it, it is a cancellation.

Affliction had been working on a three event plan, with July, October/November, and January as rough dates for their first three shows. When you ‘postpone’ your second event until when the third event was supposed to happen and move the venue to another state, that’s not a fucking postponement. You’ve just scrapped your second event. I don’t care if the name and a bout or two are carried over. If you run your car into a goddamn wall and then put the muffler and the fuzzy dice into a new vehicle, you didn’t ‘save’ the old car.

Look at it this way: if ticket sales for October 11th weren’t ‘abysmal’ (the specific word chosen by people too polite to give the real number), do you think the event would have been axed? Is there any reason why this second show couldn’t have happened, other than the fact that it would have been a massive failure and destroyed the promotion? Yeah. Not. A. Postponement.

So next time you fuck shit up because you can’t promote a great fight in the fight capital of the world, how about not throwing out a bullshit ‘fact’ to try and burn the people who actually do things right? You just end up reminding me of those fuckhead Republican shitheads, and that just makes me hate you.