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Affliction’s 90 minute pre-PPV show now on HDNet

Affliction has moved it’s pre-PPV teaser show from Fox Sports Net to HDNet. You can take this as a positive thing or a negative thing depending on if you’re a glass half full or glass half empty kinda person. Me? I like to think of this particular glass as half full of shit and half full of fine wine. While I know in practice this would not be very appealing, I’m just taking the metaphor to a fresh place, so fuck off.

Here’s how it breaks down

The wine: Having HDNet involved means HD cameras and HD production values. The last Affliction show looked worse than a bootleg Pancrase VHS from the early 90’s. If HDNet can keep this event from looking like it’s taking place in a black void lit by a flashlight, then squee joy joy squee says I.

Other positive things include no commercials and less chance that Fox will preempt the show. That’s right … the channel infamous for shuffling PRIDE episodes more than a Vegas blackjack dealer actually shuffled the Affliction show in many regions so they could show BASEBALL. Oh, and 90 minutes of fights is good I suppose. Although I have to admit that the last Affliction show felt a bit like a marathon dry humping session. By the time we got to the end sex with Arlovski and Fedor, my dick was all fucked up. But I’m gonna refrain from complaining about too much MMA, because there are kids in Africa who don’t get any MMA at all and we should be considerate.

The shit: HDNet and Affliction were supposed to work together the first time around before Mark Cuban realized he didn’t want anything to do with the proposed bonfire of money that Affliction represented. So Affliction went to Fox Sports … and now they have to go back to HDNet. Considering the rumor that the Affliction deal was pretty close to a pay-for-play deal, their ratings must have sucked to not get back on the same network.

Also poopy are the fights confirmed thus far for the event: Mike Pyle vs Jason High? Jason who? If you’re gonna make me watch Mike Pyle, can it at least be against someone who can manage to punch him in the face before losing, please? I suppose I’m down with Paul Buentello vs Roy Nelson, but that’s an IFL level booking.

I wouldn’t mind fights like this if they didn’t represent the poor value to reward ratio that is dragging Affliction down. Paul B and Mike Pyle made $100,000 together off their first Affliction show and I bet Roy Nelson will be making between 40k and 80k. It hurts my head to think of that kind of money resulting in such mediocre matchups. It really does. Like I wanna stick pins in my eardrum to relieve the pressure. Argh! The pain! The pain of ineptitude!