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Affliction 2 ticket sales are balls

Looks like it’s not going to be an easy month for Affliction. Bloody Elbow reported on the rumor that they have only sold a pathetic 1400 tickets. Compare that to the 6000 they had sold weeks before their first Anaheim show, and it seems like this ship is in some turbulent waters.

Personally, I’m actually excited about the Arlovski vs Fedor fight, and the card seems pretty solid. Unfortunately, the US economy has hit some pretty hard times, and their timing could not have been worst. All of the media’s attention is currently on GSP and Penn, so Affliction only has a small window in which to promote this event. Considering they are probably already way over budget, I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing as many ads for this event as we did for their last one.

At this point, I’ve lost all of my sympathy for these guys anyways. After the whole Todd Beard debacle, the company lost a lot of brownie points. The part of me that wanted to see a serous competitor to the UFC gave up on these clowns a while ago. I’m not saying I want them to fail; I’m just saying that if they do, I’m won’t be going to the funeral.

I think that if an organization wants to compete against the UFC, they have to be more realistic about it. Booking big names right away before there’s any legitimacy to a title you just made up doesn’t create a lot of excitement about it. It also sounds hollow to hand out a championship belt in an organization that has had exactly one bout. If I was Affliction, I would have worked a lot slower and methodically to attract fighters over to the organization. I would have worked to create stability before I started booking big fights. With Affliction sponsoring so many fighters, they could have easily seduced more of them to their side once their events began to pick up steam. But Afflction bit of a lot more than they could chew, and decided the best way to start a fight organization is to lauch that sucker out of a cannon before setting up the safety net. Needless to say, they are about to find out how wise that fucking idea was…