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Affliction vs UFC 100 rumors gain steam

MMAWeekly, 5 Ounces, and Dave Carmichael are all saying that Affliction WILL go ahead with its plan to kamikaze themselves into the battleship that is UFC 100. Several other sites such as MMA Junkie are covering the chatter but are not confirming, and Midsy thinks the whole thing must be some crazy plot. Because no one is really stupid enough to go up against UFC 100 ‘just because’, right?

At this point I’d say the chances of seeing Affliction 3 on July 11th are at about 20%. There’s still a shitload of hurdles this card needs to make to come together: even if Tom Atencio and El Beardo (this idea reeks of him) have decided on the date, they still have to convince Trump exec and Affliction COO Michael Cohen. You know, the guy who’s always contradicting Atencio in the press? The guy who seems to have half a brain? Yeah, him.

Past that they still need a free TV partner, and someone good like CBS or ESPN if they wanna actually affect anything. And then there’s the fact that Affliction is trying to pull a stacked card out of its ass while asking its fighters to take pay cuts to do it. This date seems like a dumb idea to everyone, so I imagine even the friends of Affliction aren’t going to want to help them commit guaranteed suicide on July 11th when they could do something *gasp* successful in August or something???

All in all, moving ahead with this is a terribly stupid idea from Affliction, but I suppose we should be used to that by now. If it is a ploy of some description, then it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I mentioned before that this situation seems more like a retarded game of chicken, and I think Affliction is driving a golf cart while the UFC’s got a tank.