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Affliction trying to set up a Gomi fight

There are two ways to react to news that Takanori Gomi might be added to Affliction’s August 1st card. I could be a sourpuss and say that Gomi is just another huge paycheck that ain’t gonna convince many people to go who aren’t already going to see Fedor. Or I could just shut my yap and enjoy the possibility of seeing the Fireball Kid stateside again. Because I’m feeling chipper today, I shall do the latter.

‘Financial considerations’ are still being ironed out, meaning Affliction is probably still trying to get Gomi down from six figures to five. If things work out he’ll be fighting the 9-4 Brett Cooper, who’s riding a 6 win streak. Sure, his toughest competition thus far has been Rory Markham and Jason Von Flue. But keep in mind Gomi hasn’t exactly been setting the world ablaze lately (see the above picture for proof). The last time he came to America, Nick Diaz shocked the world by boxing him up and gogo’ing him. Perhaps that memory will push Gomi to actually train hard and give a shit about this fight? Or not. I give it 50/50, which is what makes this potential fight so interesting to me.

*update* No go.