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Affliction: “This is the best news evar~!!!

Leave it to Affliction to try and go from ‘completely fucked’ to ‘We’re gonna change the MMA world forever YEEAAAAH!’ But that’s apparently what they’re trying to do. Following the news that their October 2nd card is kaput, we now know that the show is just postponed to mid-January. MMA Rated gets the goods again. Remind me to Hackney-sack Ariel Helwani next time we hang out and steal his rolodex.

Ariel Helwani: What is the reasoning behind today’s news?

Michael D. Cohen: At this present moment, I can not give the reason but what I can tell you is that there is going to be a public announcement made and this announcement is truly going to change the world of mixed martial arts. Unlike other similar statements made, the press conference that will be had in the near future will have the affect as I described it.

AH: When will we find out more about this announcement?

MCD: Within two weeks. We are truly hoping that it will be withing one week, but the reality is two weeks. MMA fans all around the world will understand the reason for the postponement for the event. And something I want to make clear to all the readers whether it’s on or any other website out there: The event has not been cancelled, it’s postponed, and the reasons will become very apparent to all.

Hmm, think this + this + this = this? And by this, I mean something retarded like Fedor vs Tito? Now let me clarify: I think Fedor vs Tito will make a lot of money. It will cause most hardcore fans to roll their eyes, but chances are if you own an Affliction shirt or Punishment flamer beanie, you’ll have a boner between now and January. That being said, this doesn’t change the world of MMA. Change the financial outlook for Affliction? Maybe. But I have my doubts that even the UFC could avoid financial ruin based on the growing costs surrounding this theoretical new card.

But hey, who knows. Maybe all this crap is unrelated and Affliction has something else up their sleeves. Like a mystery backer from Dubai with a billion dollar check? Other than that idea, I have no idea what else it could be.