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Affliction runs from UFC counter-programming

The UFC’s attempts to counter-program against Affliction are starting to feel like a game of Whack-a-Mole. First they scheduled a replay of UFC 87 on the same date as Affliction’s Day of Reckoning was supposed to happen. Affliction canceled that event, and scheduled another for January 17th. So what does the UFC do? They set up UFC 93 in Ireland on the same day. So again, Affliction is left with a bum date:

While not officially announced, Affliction and Golden Boy had booked the same date at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., and gotten approval by the California State Athletic Commission, for its inaugural combined boxing and MMA show.

“They are going to do what they are going to do,” said Affliction promoter Tom Atencio. “It doesn’t make sense to go head-to-head with them. People are going to be forced to make a choice. Either way, we both lose.”

The bad news in all this is that without a competitor to rape, the UFC has locked in UFC 93 as a PPV instead of showing it on Spike. Dave Meltzer is assuming a rescheduled Affliction date later in February will probably just get counter-programmed with a UFC PPV rerun but I’m not too sure. I’m thinking Dana and Lorenzo understand the threat of a company like Golden Boy (ya know, someone who actually knows a little bit about what they’re doing?) getting a taste of MMA success.

They wouldn’t have to do much to convince MMA fans to skip out on a boxing/mma hybrid PPV … another Fight Night with one sweet headline bout should do the trick. And what’s that to the UFC? It’s not like they’re losing money on events. Make more money + help kill Affliction + tell Golden Boy to fuck off = why not?