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Affliction might have signed dude who beat Fedor

No, not TK. The dude who just beat Fedor this weekend … in Sambo:

Ivanov defeated Emelianenko by 8 points to 5, then stopped his German opponent in the final match of the tournament to take the gold medal.

Emelianenko, who has won the tournament for the past three years running, eventually took bronze.

Reports have emerged that Ivanov was signed by Affliction immediately after winning the tournament.

However, Fighters Only has not been able to confirm these reports with Affliction Entertainment, the promotional arm of the popular clothing company.

Am I the only one who sees shit like this as a big part of the reason Affliction is failing? It’s like they turn into idiot fanboys at the drop of a hat, making completely non-sensical business decisions. You can see it in the way they sign up fighters with little star power for big bucks, and then again in the way they match those fighters up.

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy and Blagoi Ivanov is going to be the next major name in mixed martial arts. But I seriously doubt it. Above is a video showing the first time Fedor and Ivanov faced eachother … and Fedor dominates him the entire time. Wonder if Affliction knew about that?

**UPDATE** No signage! As spoken by Ariel at MMA Rated:

Anyways, rumors are circulating that Affliction signed Ivanov to an MMA contract immediately following the victory, but we spoke to Affliction Entertainment VP Tom Atencio today and he told us that the promotion has not signed the Bulgarian wrestler. Atencio mentioned that he has never even met or spoke to Ivanov or anyone who represents him. By the way, Fedor ended up with a bronze medal while Ivanov took home the gold.