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Affliction: Matt Lindland vs some guy

Those of you who were hoping for something sweet like Matt Lindland vs Travis Lutter or Lindland vs Terrell or Lindland vs anyone that you’ve heard of before, you’re about to be disappointed:

However, learned Tuesday that the leading candidate to face the gangly wrestler is Brazilian middleweight Fabio Negao, owner of an 8-3 record. Splitting his last six bouts, Negao is coming off a loss in December to Rousimar Palhares, as well as two other defeats by Demian Maia (choke) and Ray Lazama (KO). South African middleweight Trevor Prangley had been discussed as a potential Lindland foe, but Affliction’s decision to pit Lindland against Negao appears close to final.

Well, when life gives you random Brazilians, you make lemonade by trying to learn a bit about them. Above is an 8 minute highlight of Negao split up between grappling and mixed martial arts, all to a neato goa buttrock soundtrack. If the guy wasn’t fighting Matt Lindland, I might even think he had a chance to take this fight. As it stands you gotta wonder if Affliction’s excel spreadsheet budget simply can’t calculate numbers any higher, so they’re cheaping out on booking a decent (read expensive) opponent.