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Affliction makes good coin off the gate

Hey, did you know that “Affliction: Banned draws 14,832 for $2.1 million gate”??? Yeah, it’s true! While looking at the retarded amount of money Affliction blew on their lineup might have made you a bit down thinking about their future prospects, this news certainly gives a person hope that there’ll be a few more Affliction events (and by extension, free UFC counter-programming events).

The most interesting thing to note out of all this is how Affliction did better than the UFC’s last two events at the Honda Center, in both attendance and gate revenue. Out of it’s three shows there, only the UFC’s first (UFC 59, featuring Ortiz vs Griffin and Sylvia vs Arlovski 2) did better than Affliction Banned. Here’s the numbers:

Banned: 14,832 tickets (11,242 paid) for a $2,085,510 gate
UFC 76: 13,770 tickets (11,817 paid) for a $1,985,000 gate
UFC 63: 12,604 tickets (9,343 paid) for a $1,582,370 gate
UFC 59: 13,814 tickets (13,060 paid) for a $2,191,450 gate