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Affliction is “here to stay”

So it looks like sanity has prevailed and Affliction’s third card probably won’t share a date with UFC 100. I’m not sure if there was ever any real possibility of that happening or if that was just the internets grabbing onto whatever headlines they could find during this dark period of MMA bleakness. Whatever the case, Affliction COO Michael Cohen put the word to rest and also claimed that the company still has a lot of life left:

Cohen – an employee of Affliction Entertainment affiliate Donald Trump – said yesterday that the company would not be pulling out of the MMA game after staging a third show.

“The Trump involvement has really elevated Trump’s Affliction to becoming a real contender in this sport. Trump’s Affliction Entertainment is going nowhere except to the top, and the company will continue throughout 2009 and well into 2010,” he told yesterday.

“It’s here. It’s here to stay,” he added, claiming that Affliction’s second event sold around 200,000 pay-per-views.

So is it standard for the execs in charge of companies to tell straight out lies? Like, if a third show never materializes and Affliction Entertainment disappears, does anyone hold Michael Cohen accountable for shoveling pure horse shit? Not that I’m assuming that’s what he’s doing or anything. I’ve just learned from past experience that most suits are soulless lying scumbags who’ll tell you the sky is green if it’ll make them a buck somehow.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if this was really true and Affliction was going to give us several more retarded cards over the next 12 months? I’m not against those guys losing tons of money for our sake, so if they wanna keep trucking and burning gigantic stacks o’ cash I’m not about to stop them. So let’s hope that filthy liar Cohen is telling the truth, because that would be pretty awesome.