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Affliction gets into bed with M-1

Today at noon there’s gonna be a press conference in New York to announce two things: that Affliction and M-1 Global are ‘solidifying’ their relationship, and by extension Donald Trump will now be shilling for Fighting Fedor, the worst idea in the universe.

If you don’t remember what Fighting Fedor is all about, it’s basically a TUF ripoff except instead of getting into the UFC, you get to … fight Fedor. Here’s Jesse Holland with his thoughts on the concept:

Unfortunately the series has been in pre-production longer than Duke Nukem Forever and despite the hackneyed narrator trying to sell us the premise as “Groundbreaking” and “The likes of which have never been seen before on American television”, that sales pitch only works on people without SpikeTV – or brains.

Not to mention the ending is a bit anti-climatic. Imagine if Amir Sadollah had to fight Anderson Silva at the conclusion of the Ultimate Fighter 7.

I would actually kinda get a kick out of that. Well, maybe not since we only get six more Anderson fights before he sits back and enjoys retirement. And I’ve got a somewhat similar rub regarding Fedor: what the fuck is the ‘best fighter in the world’ doing fighting the winner of some goddamn reality show? The dude already has a bad reputation of fighting cans on a regular basis, and this isn’t going to help.

Say what you will about the UFC putting on Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote, but he was the best opponent they could dredge up. Sad, but true. That’s not the case with Fedor, who often fights guys so lame you can’t help but laugh when someone calls them a ‘contender’.

MMAWeekly also notes something rather important: the ‘solidification’ of the relationship between Affliction and M-1 means the end of many loopholes that could have allowed for Fedor to fight Randy Couture sometime in 2009. And where I was skeptical of Fedor actually passing on a NYE event in Japan, I’m now wondering if Affliction officially getting into bed with M-1 wasn’t a move specifically designed to keep that from happening.

The fun thing with Fedor and his peeps is that you never really know what they’re going to do, regardless of what’s being said at press conferences. There was another gang of morons who held press conferences in New York earlier this year talking about partnerships with Fedor and his management. That didn’t exactly work out too well for them.