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Catholics vs Affliction

Affliction isn’t catching any breaks these days. This fresh bit of bad news come directly from Palm City in Florida, where a T-Shirt depicting a winged skeleton holding baby Jesus is being pulled off the shelves. Some Catholics are going apeshit claiming that it’s offensive. Here’s a quote from one woman:

As a Catholic and a Christian, it was offensive all the way around. We consider her holy,” Carbo said. “If you were Jewish, you wouldn’t want to see a swastika on a shirt. If you were African-American, you wouldn’t want to see anything that was derogatory towards you.

Everyone knows I’m not a huge Affliction fan, and it’s also not breaking news that Fightlinker is run by a bunch of Godless heathens. You’ll forgive me then when I say that no, the skeleton holding baby Jesus is not as bad as a swastika, or a burning cross. Yeah, it’s kind of tasteless and pointless, but there is a HUGE difference between bad art and hate speech. If I’m a Wiccan, I might object to the egregious use of pentagrams in Affliction, but it certainly isn’t meant to offend me specifically. The shirts are insulting to anyone with fucking taste, not just religious insecurities.

Affliction shirts aren’t about anything other than suckering people out of 80 bucks. There’s no religious or political statements; they just put skeletons on people’s faces and assume it’s awesome. I find it funny that now they are making uppidy Catholics scream bloody murder over how tasteless it all is.