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Affliction cooks it’s gate numbers

Wow, here’s a surprise! Just a day after everyone was drooling over Affliction beating the UFC’s last two gates at the Honda Center, news has come out that the new promotion bought nearly a quarter of those tickets themselves:

Saturday’s show did a gate of nearly $2.1 million, though a source close to the situation said Affliction purchased $500,000 of those tickets itself. Affliction vice president Tom Atencio conceded the company did purchase a large number of the best seats for use for friends and family of the fighters and the company employees, as well as VIPs, but he would not confirm an amount.

Two memories for you guys. First: the memory of K-1 doing the same thing in order to ‘win’ the North American attendance record. They bought 39,000 tickets, an insane number even when you consider you’re only paying taxes and commission fees on those before the money goes right back into your pocket.

Second memory: Remember when Affliction claimed to have sold 250k worth of tickets in the first 30 minutes that they were on sale? That’s a lot more realistic when you consider a large chunk of it was probably Affliction selling to Affliction.

Anyways, this just goes to show you that you can’t trust promoters to say anything that doesn’t promote their events in a positive light. That’s why I really don’t give a shit that T-Shirt Guy (and I’m not calling him that because I don’t like him, I’m just too lazy thus far to learn how to spell his last name) said Affliction broke 100,000 PPV buys. I’m going to wait for independent verification before I massage anyone’s nuts over that success or lack there-of.