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Affliction coming back for more in November

Fightlinker Super Mega MMA Junkie Special Day continues! We’re feeling lazy today from all the MMA we had to cover this weekend so we’ve decided that today we’re going to do what most other blogs do: rip off the news from MMA Junkie.

Hey, did you know that “Affliction likely to return Nov. 8”??? It’s true! Before even the most basic of PPV numbers have come in, it looks like T-Shirt Guy and the gang are so high off Fedor’s win and carcinogenic confetti dust that they have decided the show was a complete success. And I think all the websites out there agree: every picture of T-Shirt guy going up since the event shows him smiling and laughing … TRIUMPHANT, if you will. If things hadn’t gone so well, I guarantee there would have been more frowny faces being included.

So who’s on the menu for “Affliction 2: Hey, we’re still Banned!”?

“We’re obviously going to use the guys who won (on Saturday),” Atencio said. “Josh Barnett definitely. Who we’re going to set him up with — we’re going to talk about that as well. (Also), Andrei Arlovski definitely. We have three-fight contracts with these guys.

“And … obviously Fedor. Everybody I’m sure wants to watch him fight. Is that guy amazing or what?”

Well, Affliction has a date and they have two worthy opponents lined up for Fedor. That means we should know what’s happening in the next few weeks, right? One can only hope, but again that cynical part of my brain keeps expecting something to come along and fuck things up. Fedor’s camp wanting more money? Fedor’s camp refusing opponents? Fedor’s camp deciding they need him fresh to face off against the winner of that retarded reality show? With Fedor, anything is possible – and not always in a good ‘Zombo’ kinda way.

Also mentioned is the claim that Aleksander Emelianenko’s removal from the card was ‘non-medical’, although I’m interested in knowing what legit administrative issue could have surfaced LITERALLY at the last second to prevent him from fighting. Like, I’m talking ‘Aleks being moments away from getting on the scales for the weigh-in’ last second. Typically when the CSAC fucks people over, those people have the balls to raise a stink and bitch about the situation (for all the good it ever does them). So for Aleks and Affliction to both clam up about the whole thing still makes me kinda suspicious that maybe he does have something really wrong with him.