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Affliction and UFC parley, but no terms met

Fun revelation of the day: the UFC almost convinced Affliction to close up their MMA promotion in exchange for lifting the Affliction ban and partnering for UFC/Affliction shirts. But once Affliction started moving forward with plans for a January event, things went to shit quickly:

Two weeks passed since the first meeting with no constructive communication between Affliction and the UFC. Both sides believed the deal was off the table, but on Monday, a conference call took place between, among others, Lorenzo Fertitta and Todd Beard, Affliction’s co-founder.

Though the deal was not formally rejected by Affliction, it was clear that the goodwill between the parties had disappeared. While it’s unclear how the conversation went south, it went south quickly, with both parties directing profanities at one another. Towards the end, Beard reportedly told Ferttita, “you’ve (expletive) with the wrong guy.”

The interesting story to take out of this is that Affliction was even willing to talk to the UFC about this idea … to me that implies that Affliction was already starting to see the writing on the wall once their second event flopped. Another quick thought: Everyone thinks the UFC won’t be able to pull another event out of it’s ass on January 24th since it’s got an event the week before and week after. I’d say never doubt the power of Zuffa’s spite. They may just throw Anderson Silva onto another free Spike card that night to show Affliction who’s boss.

Suffice to say, the war between Affliction and the UFC seems to be heating up rather than cooling off. Honestly, I still have no idea why Affliction wants to go down this road. If they were happy selling shirts and running their events as a ‘second-tier’ promotion like Strikeforce, they wouldn’t have Dana White trying to cut their balls off at every turn. Zuffa has a track record of trying to bury anyone that isn’t willing to submit to their alpha dog stature. As far as White and the Fertittas are concerned, they just held out an olive branch and had it turned away. Sure, it was more of a demand for unconditional surrender. But that’s probably not how they see it.