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Affliction 2: Success?

While there are no official numbers for Affliction: Day of Reckoning yet, we do have some rough estimates from a few guys close to the situation:

Published reports citing Golden Boy CEO Richard Schafer have put the figure between 150,000-200,000 buys, giving the promotion a low estimate–at $44.95 a pop–of between $6,742,500 and $8,990,000 in net revenue.

Atencio, citing his company’s desire not to discuss money a la the UFC, put it this way: “We did 50% better than our last event.”

If we are to take these numbers as true — since fight promoters are known for their honesty — then those steering the Affliction ship have got to be really happy right now. Whether it’s coke-and-whiskey-bender level happy is uncertain, but 150k-200k buys is definitely beer-and-weed-weekend level happy.

The future of the company is still in question, as the rumors have gone as far as saying that Affliction is done to Tom Atencio saying that is completely untrue, but this is definitely good for the future business prospects of the t-shirt company turned MMA promotion. Is it enough to afford Arlovski’s fight salary or Tito’s “>Hooked on Phonics videos? We’ll have to wait and see.