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Advertisers or lack thereof

MMAPayout asks some questions in regard to the commercials showing last night:

If there were that many Affliction ads, what you weren’t seeing were a multitude of ads from mainstream companies. That could be an indication of poor ad sales leading up to the show. inquired early in the week about ad sales for the show, and a CBS publicity department that is usually quick with response was vague on the details this time around.

Some of the companies that previously bought time on the the May and July shows were conspicuously absent. If CBS was unable to move ad inventory for the card, that could signal just as much of a KO to the promotion’s network position as anything Seth Petruzelli did on the night.

If that’s the case, you get the feeling that CBS’s retarded decision to force through a shotgun second event just came back to haunt EliteXC. One would hope that this is plain enough for anyone to see, but who knows what bizarro world of explanations and justifications CBS execs live in.

I’m also curious to know if all of Affliction’s ad time was bought up or provided free with the purchase of an Arlovski vs Fatty bout. The ads they showed did a decent job of pimping Fedor to to people in the know but I’m eager to talk to my brother and see what he thought as a casual fan. Did he ‘get’ what Affliction was trying to tell him about Fedor? Or was he just left with a “Who the fuck is Gabbo?” vibe.