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Advanced Randy Math

Continuing on yesterday’s edition of Randy Math, we now have a copy of Randy’s fight agreement which includes his PPV breakdown. Because it’s kinda hard to figure out without a calculator, here’s how it works:

Up to 100k buys= Nothing
100k – 175k buy = 75k buys @ $1 = 75k
175k – 300k buys = 125k buys @ $1.50 = 187k
300k – 330k buys = 30k buys @ $2 = 60k
330k+ buys = 170k buys @ $3 = 510k

Total amount = 832k

Randy mentioned that he still hadn’t received all the money from the UFC regarding the Sylvia fight (something about residuals still coming in), so perhaps this explains why his contract says he made 300,000 dollars more than he said he made during the contract.

What’s funny is that Kevin Iole said he made 1.1 million and Randy said he made half a million. Both parties are off by roughly three hundred thousand dollars according to the above contract. It amuses me to think they’re both just as wrong as the other.

*UPDATE* I should get a C- in Randy Math … I had the $1.50 buys adding up to 156 rather than 187. Thanks Leland for pointing out my ineptitude with Microsoft Calculator!

  • S. Jennum says:

    Individual bout sheets are not the same as the overall contract. Couture did not have Gabriel Gonzaga lined up as an opponent for August when he signed his comeback deal last winter. Couture’s people pulled a sleight of hand trick yesterday and the MMA media bit on it.

  • Fightlinker, check your numbers again:

    Up to 100k buys = Nothing

  • Shit, damn thing cut me off
    175k – 300k buys = 125k buys @ $1.50 = 156k

  • 156k should be 187,500, making the grand total 832,500

  • godzillad says:

    So if the PPV had 600,000 (hypothetical) buys, then Randy made $3 off of each. Grand total Randy would have made in Pay Per View bonuses for UFC 68 if it had exactly 600,000 buys = …………….1.8 million.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it did more 700 thousand buys and Couture took home over 2 million in PPV revenue alone.

  • kermit.01 says:

    I’d personally be happy with about 1/5th of that.. :-p

  • godzilla : nope … he doesn’t get all the numbers at the same price. The first X he gets for one amount, then the next X he gets for another amount, etc etc etc

  • intenso says:

    Are PPV buys ever actually posted anywhere? 700,000 buys seems like Dana White’s wet dream to me.

  • godzilla, if he had 600,000 buys:

    600,000 – 330,000 = 270,000 buys @ $3 a pop = 810k
    Add that on to 60k, 187k, and 75k for the previous 3 brackets and you would get $1.13 million

  • Yeah, once the PPV passes 400k that’s when the pie gets really fucking sweet … Chuck and Tito are retardo rich because their PPV broke 1 million. Dana was planning on selling the Superbowl PPV as a HUGE show … gotta imagine they were setting their sights on getting over 750k, which would have been a LOT of money for Couture.

  • Tommy says:

    Fightlinker doesn’t all the numbers go retro? So 500,000 buys would be $1,500,000? I’ve never heard of it otherwise.

  • Tommy says:

    I believe you guys are wrong. I’ve never seen a contract like this that didn’t go retro. See if you can find out for sure FL.

  • Beltstud says:

    Man if those numbers indeed do go retro i have lost alot of respect for Couture. Even if those numbers don’t go retro Couture pulled in anywere’s from 1 million to 1.3 million dollars for each fight. (based on 500,000 to 600,000 buys) Everyone is forgetting to add the original $250,000 Couture got to fight plus these bonuses. So if Coutre would have fought 3 times this year he would have made anyweres from 3 million to 3.9 million dollars. But its not about the money so i will just end this post! LOL!

  • godzillad says:

    Whoops. Guess that’s why you guys run a website and I…….let’s not say what I do.

  • intenso says:

    So, Couture quit a job in which he was making a lot of money and that makes him more of an asshole than if he quit when he wasn’t making that much money? If it was all about the money wouldn’t he just complain and keep working? Because he ain’t getting shit for whatever time is left on his contract.

  • Tommy says:

    Yeah he does Intenso. Don’t forget his clothing line and the fighters under him at Extreme Couture. I wonder if he is gonna be pulled from the new video game again. Hey fightlinker, I ask if you watched the Contender. No answer. I asked if you watched the Tuff show, no answer. I asked you about Randy’s contract going retro and again no answer. I feel like the ugly bitch you bring home from the club at last call.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Read the contract two times, and I don’t believe this one goes retro. Seems strange that it wouldn’t but the way it’s written, I think not. Then again, I’m no lawyer.

  • Definetely doesn’t go retro … the math is correct on this post!

    Tommy – I don’t watch the contender but i’m gonna check it out this week. TUF i’m watching now, not really enjoying it too much. I’m not really on the computer too much at the moment, so yeah … delays!

  • Tommy says:

    If you say so Fightlinker who am I to disagree. It would be the first sales contract I’ve ever seen in history that didn’t go retro but maybe I guess.

  • Tommy says:

    Think about it though. Randy is off in his numbers regardless. Yet if the contract goes retro it makes Dana’s numbers work….

  • bob says:

    Lets not forget that one of those ppv buys represents $50 so even if he gets $3 thats like 1.5 percent of the revenue of a card that he basically sells.

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