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Adios, Martinez

Joe Martinez is the nasally ring announcer for the WEC. Wait, correction: Joe Martinez WAS the nasally ring announcer for the WEC. It looks like he was forced to choose between boxing and MMA and decided to go with boxing:

“Family, friends and fans – thanks for all of your support – I am out as the WEC ring announcer. Family reason that couldn’t be compromised,” Martinez wrote Monday night on his Twitter.

According to his statements to, Martinez is leaving the WEC to allow him to fulfill commitments with Golden Boy Productions as the boxing announcer for Solo Boxeo Tecate.

“I was more than willing to work around the possible conflicts,” Martinez said in the report. “But another main factor was my work within other areas of combat sports. While I do not feel my association with a Spanish-language boxing production has any crossover, it appears to have been a big issue.”

So it doesn’t really sound like family reasons as much as Zuffa trying to lock Martinez down (or conversely, maybe push him out by making unreasonable demands). While the WEC gig was pretty sweet, it was still only one show every other month as opposed to Solo Boxeo Tecate, which is every week (and people say MMA is oversaturated?). Plus it’s not like Zuffa showed much loyalty to Martinez or the brand when it came time for a PPV.