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ADCC Interview with Elvis Sinosic


The ADCC site has an interview with Elvis Sinosic, who just can’t seem to get a break in the world. His record reads like a who’s who of MMA, with Sinosic having his ass kicked by more top tier talent than anyone else I’ve ever seen. Dispite his spotty record, Sinosic almost pulled an upset off against an overconfident Michael Bisping. How close did Elvis come to winning?

ADCC: Talk more about that kimura and what was going through your head and how tight it was?

ELVIS: I pretty much thought I had the fight won and it was over. The kimura was tight, his arm popped. He just didn’t give up. That’s a credit to him and his heart.

Personally, I like Elvis because his fights are never boring and he bleeds a lot. So here’s hoping we see him again soon in the Octagon.

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