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Abu Dhabi cheaps out on the UFC

It’s official: Abu Dhabi is out, New Jersey is in for UFC 129. That’s the event set to feature the long awaited Shogun Rua vs Rashad Evans, plus Tito vs Lil Nog and Frank Mir vs Brendan Schaub. As for why the event ended up getting moved, you’ll have to look back to a week ago when reports started coming out of a problem in the Middle East.

“We’re still working on it,” White said. “It just depends on our schedule and what we do. The guys in Abu Dhabi want a fight, so we’ll see what happens.

“(But) you can’t go there in the summer.”

The UFC’s first Abu Dhabi show took place outdoors at Concert Arena at the Ferrari World theme park on Yas Island. However, the temporary venue no longer exists, and officials haven’t nailed down a replacement site.

The obvious question is why can’t Abu Dhabi just throw together another stadium like last time? Sure, it was pretty baller to do it the first time around. But it’s a sad day indeed when interest amongst your part-owner Sheikhs drops to the point where they aren’t willing to blow several million dollars on an arena structure that will only exist for one event. But how about this for a novel idea, Abu Dhabi: why not build an arena … and then don’t tear it down?