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About that whole Gomi in the UFC thing…

While I was having one of these friendly looking fellas snaked up my anus, a story was busy snaking its way through the interwebs about Takanori Gomi almost signing with the UFC. The common link between these two things? They’re both likely full of shit.

Let’s take a look at the original story:

A potential deal between Takanori Gomi and the UFC has fallen through, ( has learned. first became aware of the story when a source close to Frankie Edgar revealed that the lightweight contender had been offered and accepted a potential bout vs. Gomi. The fight fell through after the UFC was unable to secure a contract with PRIDE’s final reigning lightweight champion.

There is no word as to why a deal with Gomi was unable to be completed and whether there’s a chance that talks between both sides will resume in the future.

So why is this bullshit? Well according to Edgar’s management Daniel Liguori the whole Gomi thing was nothing but a rumor to begin with and there was never a fight offered or accepted:

Not true he was never offered that fight, we heard a rumor that the ufc was trying to put it together but as of today frank does not have an opp for april 3rd. And the ufc never offered him a fight with gomi.

Another sign that the story wasn’t correct is the fact that didn’t pick it up and carry it. Those guys will carry anything if it’s true … ooh how exciting, the UFC is replaying some shitty All Access show at 4am on Spike. Let’s write a post about it! Snore. But not one blip out of them regarding any possibility that Gomi was close to being signed at all. MMAJunkie is like my canary in the coal mine of MMA news. If they don’t pick up a big story like this, it’s because something’s smelly about it.

  • Atom says:



  • kentyman says:

    Sam Caplan?

  • MJC_123 says:

    Gomi is nothing but a beach fighter now…. :(
    Dammn that stoner Diaz, making our man all scared and unwilling to fight.

  • Lifer says:

    why go to the ufc where you could possibly scrub out and look like crap like most other pride fighters when you can stay in your homeland, dont have to travel/jet lag/climate change, get the endorsements, get the japanese women(superior), etc.?? makes no sense!

  • Atom says:

    Are you seriously quoting some schmoe on sherdog as your source that Edgar was never offered the Gomi, or do you know the user who posted the copied msg in the forum.

    Because you do know that people on sherdog MAKE THINGS UP, right?

  • No, the post originally came from the UG (which is just hard to link). I verified the poster as Edgar’s management. The sherdog post is just an easier way for you to see the specific quote.

    Don’t worry, I’m not about to start sourcing forum info without independent verification

  • MJC_123 says:

    Hey man make up what you like its your site…..

  • Atom says:

    HEY FL-

    Caplan says you’re wrong about Edgar’s “manager”, and that it was some imposter.. (like some smart Jackal suggested) Here’s his comment posted on the orginial 5oz article:

    “In the event anyone has any questions about the report, let me state for the record we stand 100% behind this report. Apparently someone claiming to be Frankie Edgar’s manager denied the report, however, his self-portrayal as Edgar’s manager has been disputed by those close to Edgar. That’s’s official response to anyone who might have questions about the report.”

    Any thoughts?

  • Atom says:

    you should probably fight him! 😉

  • Yeah, gonna write an updated article

  • Atom says:

    From the 5oz comments section of Sam’s orginial article.

    # 57 Sam Caplan Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 1:48 pm
    “Atom, he has A SOURCE?”