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About that ProElite filing

Zach Arnold does his best work when promotions are on their death beds. He pretty much rode the Midnight Ride alone, yelling “Pride is dying, Pride is dying!” No one listened to him, and now he still gets to lay claim to the biggest “I told you so!” in the history of MMA news reporting. Anyways, he didn’t put too much effort into covering the IFL’s demise (and who can blame him, that shit was just too obvious), but now he’s really turning up the heat on ProElite. And it’s resulting in really good articles like this and this.

I know I’ve slacked on covering the ProElite filings that can basically be summed up by “ZOMG WE’RE FUCKERED”. Lots of other sites have done a decent job of providing dry point by point breakdowns, but Zach beats them all by adding some of the most critical analysis and commentary out there:

Simply put, there’s a complete lack of accountability and financial restraint going on amongst UFC’s wannabe competitors. They are wannabes, by the way. In my last article on MMA Memories, I pointed out that the one common denominator that all of UFC’s rivals are currently lacking in the MMA business is consistency. Boy, was I ever wrong. There’s consistency all right — consistency for all of these groups to lose their financial ass and for the key players of the failed projects to walk away with a salary and money on the table.

That’s one thing no one has really talked about: all the fatcats at the top getting paid retarded amounts of money regardless of how badly they’re running the company. Many eyebrows were raised when they saw the salary and bonuses Gary Shaw was being paid, and now he’s getting even more for doing nothing because some fuckhead with no experience in the fight business decided to get rid of him.

Simply put, there’s way too many people at the top who don’t know anything about the business they’re in making way too much money. Especially for an organization that’s lost over 50 million bucks. If the board is supposed to make decisions in the stockholder’s interest, they should stop firing the people actually doing all the work on events and start cutting executive pay down to an absolute minimum. But you’ll never see that happening. Somewhere along the line, ProElite became a gravy train for upper management. And the company’s gonna go down the toilet because of it.