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About that Jared Shaw liar stuff

By far the best wrap-up of the ProElite situation on the net is Sam Caplan’s exhaustive article “Behind the Scenes of ProElite and EliteXC’s Demise”. From what the CBS/Showtime deal meant to how it broke down to what was happening to the employees in the company, it’s an A to Z of the events leading up to the death of the #2 promotion in the MMA industry (and by extension a bunch of important smaller companies).

There’s many bits of it that will be quoted across posts for several weeks I’m sure, but I just saw one thing that I thought we should post for fairness’ sake. The post goes into how Ken Shamrock asked for more money just before he got cut, something we accused Jared Shaw of being aware of and lying about. Here’s Sam’s take on the situation:

EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw thus far is the only representative within the company to deny claims on the record that Shamrock asked for more money. Several outlets have outright accused Shaw of lying, which may not be accurate People need to be mindful of who was holding the purse strings at that point. If Shamrock’s camp was going to ask for money, it would make a lot more sense to go to CBS as opposed to ProElite. There’s also the fact that Shaw served as an unofficial liaison between the company and Slice’s camp, and the fact is that he could have been removed from the situation. If Shamrock’s camp made quiet overtures for more money, there’s a good chance Shaw and other ProElite executives might not be fully aware of them.

I’m not too sure I believe that Jared Shaw would be so out of the loop that he did not hear about this, but on the other hand many people have told me that Jared was generally out of the loop on most things and was usually given simple pet projects to keep him occupied. Ya know, like how you give a baby a toy so he stops fucking with the TV remote? Same kinda thing. So we apologize for assuming Jared knew what was going on and calling him a liar. He might not be.