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Abel Trujillo's opponent Tim Means also has a sketchy past

Recent revelations that Abel Trujillo is a woman beater have me cheering against him in his fight this Saturday against Tim Means. But when we take a look at Tim, he isn’t exactly an angel either! It’s like Chris Leben once said, “Fighters are like strippers, they ain’t paying their way through college. You know we all got a bunch of problems and skeletons in the closet.” Means’ problems didn’t start when he got shot (more on that in the interview), but that was the catalyst for more serious problems:

“I had a prescription for Vicodin and morphine. I felt like I was on top of the world. That shit is awesome, but before you know it you’re abusing it and it’s not helping you get back on track. You want to stay fuzzy and tingly and it’s not helping you out. But you’re on a prescription and the doctors said if I had some pain, they signed it off without really thinking about a whole lot. It’s not their fault, it’s mine, but once they stopped signing off I starting doing cocaine and meth to get my fix. I didn’t know anything about meth at the time but it made me feel real good like I was on top of the world.  But two, three years into that stuff I start look backing at my life and I have nothing to show for it. Wearing dirty clothes, living in a house I’m about to be evicted out of, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. It was starting to become someone I didn’t want to be anymore. I was wanting to get off meths and around that time I was facing new charges for an aggravated battery charge for punching a man who broke into my house. From then on I got on probation, they were giving me drug tests, and I was trying to hide the drug tests which meant not showing up to take them or not answering my probation officers phone calls to take them and the judge put me in jail. I realized freedom wasn’t what I needed at the time, I needed to buckle down and look at my addictions that’s what I did. I went to prison, and focused on correcting myself, got out in 2009, and have been running ever since.”

So, Culinary Union … is this a tale of redemption or just more evidence that the UFC employs criminals and encourages children (THE CHILDREN!!!!) to look up to scumbags? Tim has gone 15-1-1 since leaving jail and getting his life on track, so I’d say he’s one of the more inspiring turn-around stories in the UFC. But unless he goes up in weight to challenge Matt Brown, we may never know who’s the best pound for pound addict turned successful UFC fighter.