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Abel Trujillo may not be as big of a scumbag as first suspected

When the perpetual pain in the ass Culinary Union released a statement leading up to Saturday’s card that Abel Trujillo was a domestic abuser unworthy of his spot on the FX prelims, I kinda jumped to some conclusions regarding the severity of his crime. After all, assaulting the mother of your child is pretty heinous, regardless of the situation, right? Well, maybe not. You’ve got cases like Brett Rogers, where he punched his wife so hard teeth fell out. And then you have Trujillo’s case, where he pled guilty to this:

It’s worth noting that this is one of the two times he was charged with domestic abuse – his second guilty plea did not include the circumstances surrounding the situation or the injuries caused. But I’m going to refrain from just assuming it was some Chris Brown shit when it might just be Mayhem Miller stupidity.