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ABBA promises more Bellator seasons

So last night marked the end of Bellator’s third season and despite the fact that no one has figured out how the hell they’re making money, owner Bjorn Rebney is promising many more seasons to come:

“I can tell you thankfully there will be a season four, five, six and beyond,” Rebney said. “Four will be starting at the beginning of 2011, and my hope had been that at the Philadelphia event [last Thursday] we’d be able to announce what’s going on from a television perspective. A lot of people always ask the question about Fox Sports Network and about the delays of broadcasts and the preemptions and the nature of that network, and we have overcome that issue, which is great for us. It’s great for our brand development. We’ll be making some firm announcements in terms of start dates and in terms of networks and in terms of times and days for shows in relatively short order.”

The big rumor is that Bellator is moving to the G4 channel and while that’s a much smaller channel, they’re trying really hard to draw some of Spike’s mouth-breather demographic and are already promoting Bellator more than Fox Sports ever did. Who knows if G4 is paying Bellator a decent amount per show but you have to figure any new deal that doesn’t involve getting constantly pre-empted for college soccer is a very, very good thing for the company.

  • mamoru says:

    Any network will be better than FSN, that’s for damn sure.
    No way in hell to build any kind of fan base if every time you try to watch you get college football from two states over or some equestrian show or whatever the fuck else.

    I really hope they stick around, they have by far the best setup for solid prospects to grow with all the fights they put on.

    Only thing I hate about them is how they go to all the shittiest states in terms of officiating. But I guess someone’s got to do it if it’s going to get better.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    might make me watch g4 again, hasnt been good since it changed from techtv

  • Simco says:

    Fuck g4, but really anything to get Bellator money is a good thing. God their live show is horrendous.

  • subo says:

    The reason no one can figure out how they’re making money is that they’re not making money. Bellator hasn’t made one red cent – they have excellent backers.

  • G Funk says:

    ABBA is HomoOmo’s favorite band, Fernando!!!