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Aaron Simpson blames loss on lack of Vitamin D

Blaming losses on quirky medical issues is the new summer fashion for UFC fighters apparently. Here’s Aaron Simpson explaining why he blew his fight with Chris Leben. Take it away, Carwin Cat:

“Going back and watching (the fight) now and knowing what I know, especially now that I’ve had my bloodwork done after that fight. Something was wrong with me. I hit a wall.”

“I have a low thyroid, low iron and low on vitamin D and some other things, so that’s something I really need to get in check,” Simpson explained the results of the bloodwork. “Not making excuses or anything because obviously Leben is tough as well, but I did kind of hit a weird wall.”

Any time a fighter says ‘I’m not making excuses’, they’re making excuses. Thyroid issues are something my menopausal mother worries about, and any pussy that bitches about a Vitamin D deficiency better have rickets to go along with it or they deserve to be slapped around with a giant trout. This should be easy of course because oh no his vitamin levels are all messed up and he can’t defend himself!