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Aaron Riley has a little more play money

The bonuses are in, and it looks like Riley and Gurgel won “Fight of the Night”, which nets them a cool 60k bonus. Despite the fact that the fight was the only decision of the night, and despite the fact that almost every fight on this card was exciting, the Riley v. Gurgel bout was fantastic. Now, it looks like Aaron is going to have some extra cash to throw one hell of a good victory party.

The other winners, not surprisingly, were Stephens and Hazelett. Stephens threw a crazy hay-maker like uppercut that will probably be shown a thousand times on every fucking sports channel. I swear, it was such a big windup, Dos Anjos must have been fucking blind to miss that one. Hazelett, on the other hand, showed that his Jujitsu is something to be deeply afraid of. The dude is a fucking zen master; watching him submit guys is like reading a Zen Koan: you feel enlightened at the end of it.

It’s great that the bonuses are going to guys who normally don’t make big bank. This kind of money is what allows lesser known guys to stop worrying about their next paycheck and focus soley on their training. So yeah, I’m pretty happy with that outcome. Riley has a good future at 155, and Hazelett is going to continue to scare the shit out of everyone with his jits, despite the fact that he has one of the worst beards known to man. Seriously dude, shave that thing; it looks like there’s a bird nest in there or something.