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A weekly UFC event?

MMA Payout updates us on the status of weekly UFC events on Spike:

While there hasn’t been much public discussion as of late about a live event series on a weekly basis on Spike, that doesn’t mean that those talks haven’t been made behind closed doors. Spike TV officials spoke with and intimated there have been “lots of discussions between the UFC and Spike on the topic…but not for this year.” Talks of a live weekly series on Spike TV was first put forward at the time of the UFC’s re-signing with Spike, with the the live show being a possible replacement for a phased out TUF. Since that time there has been little talk on the subject, though. Based on the comments of Spike Execs, this may be something that will take place in ‘10 or ‘11.

I could talk out my ass for pages on the pros and cons of a weekly UFC event but overall the prospect excites me. This would be a huge step towards the company really competing with other major sports leagues. Having four week stretches between UFC shows just doesn’t cut it any more for me.