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A short history of EliteXC sketch

If you’re wondering why everyone is so ready to believe that EliteXC paid fighters more to stand with Kimbo – and not in an innocent ‘KO bonus’ kind of way – you might not be familiar with the history of sketch that EliteXC has carried with it from the start. So here’s a list of some less than savory moments in EliteXC history:

Fake Ring Girl contest to get Jared Shaw laid

Pulling strings to get Krazy Horse Bennett out of jail so he could fight for them

Allowing Nick Diaz to fight with a staph infection – TWICE

Creating fake weight classes to accommodate specific fighters

Having negative press removed from websites

Replacing Gary Turner with Ricco Rodriguez to fight Antonio Silva two weeks before the fight, and not even bothering to tell Gary

Booking Mike Kyle, who shattered another fighter’s skull with a barrage of illegal strikes and had to be dragged off his victim by several refs

Trying to get Nick Diaz approved by the CSAC with a medical marijuana card.

Consistently booking main events that are mockeries

Jared Shaw yelling for standup that favors Kimbo Slice

Gina Carano never hitting weight

Fucking over Strikeforce by interfering with their contract with Frank Shamrock

Allowing a fight to go on when Nick Diaz came in 9 pounds overweight

Setting up an in-cage riot between the Diaz and Noons family

Lying about the removal of Gary Shaw

Giving Antonio Silva a can for the HW belt,

and then having him test positive for steroids

More mismatches? Say it ain’t so!

Putting out one of the most disgraceful ads in the history of television

Stripping their LW champ over one fight

Gina Carano weigh-in sketch

Jared Shaw showing clear bias for Kimbo Slice again

Let’s not forget the chicanery going on in ProElite and ProElite related companies:

King of the Cage repeatedly booking a white power neo-nazi

ProElite losing 3.5 million dollars on website operations

Ken Shamrock vs Buzz Berry … nuff said

Phil Baroni gets ‘nutted’ on NutsTV

NJAC’s insane behavior during EliteXC’s first CBS show