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A pain in the neck!

The oh so exciting news from yesterday was that Travis Lutter is off the UFC74 card with a neck injury. Half the blogosphere is acting like this is going to be some kind of huge pissoff for Dana White, considering the last Lutter-related fuckup resulted in UFC68 having no title fight. Well, this is a bit different … UFC74 is still 3 weeks away so finding a replacement for Lutter is no big deal. The fight was on the undercard so it’s not like they were relying on him for draw. And finally, why would Dana be upset that he doesn’t have to pay a guy he probably doesn’t like?

If anything, I’m sure the UFC is perfectly happy to scratch Travis off the card and replace him with whatever new prospect has been sending Joe Silva naked pics over Myspace lately. Booking Lutter was probably only a contractual obligation anyways, so the only question now is if the booking fulfilled the UFC’s side of the bargain.

  • I agree, a lot of people were stressing how late it was in their stories when I really thought it was still early. There have been a lot later substitutions than this one is. The UFC had nearly a month to find someone to fill in give or take a few days depending on when Lutter notified them.