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A night to forget

Yahoo’s Countdown to UFC 100 continues and one funny thing I’ve noticed is how many of the old shows are being remembered as gigantic pieces of shit. Here’s Dave Meltzer’s breakdown of UFC 26, with the headline “A Night to Forget”:

Only 1,100 fans showed up to the Five Seasons Center for one of the worst shows in company history. The shocking match saw Rizzo being able to avoid being taken down for five rounds against the former two-time NCAA champion wrestler. By all rights, that should have meant Rizzo would win with ease. But instead, Randleman had little problems standing with Rizzo and connected with better punches to take a dull five-round decision. Rizzo’s only offense was the occasional leg kick.

An early third-round accidental head butt seemed to take Rizzo out of the fight. Rizzo fought the remainder of the match, did nothing offensively during that period, and remembered none of it. He even had no recollection in the dressing room if he had won, lost or even completed the fight.

The fight was so dull fans started throwing garbage into the cage and it didn’t help that there was little excitement on the undercard, which saw wins by future champions Jens Pulver and Matt Hughes, as well as Pat Miletich retaining the lightweight title (as the current welterweight title was then known) beating John Alessio with an armbar at 1:43 of the second round.

Three more UFC event reviews before we hit the Zuffa era. I’ve already heard about all the weird and unusual crap that went down from UFC 1 to 30 but I’m interested to see what Yahoo shares about the newer events that haven’t already been disseminated by half the MMA books out there.