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A new sponsorship opportunity?

As a guy who tried to go the Lex Luther avenue hair-wise myself, I had always wondered how Dana White kept his dome so smooth all the time. For me (this being my boat too), it required waaaaay too much time fucking around with a bic and a mirror and in the end I decided I’d rather just keep the clippers out and leave a consistent amount of stubble behind. But what is Dana’s secret? A headblade? Does he keep someone around at Zuffa HQ who’s sole job is head buffer? The answer is slightly anti-climactic and comes via Dana’s list of things to be thankful for on ESPN:

Shaving your head is no fun endeavor, let me tell you. It has taken a lot of trial and error, but there’s something I’m very thankful for, sweetheart — the Venus razor. You know the chick razor with the gooey stuff on the side? Yeah, that’s what I shave my head with, it’s true. Funny, right? I’d look like a nicked-up freak without that thing.

Other hits from his list: non-betrayer friends, Bruce Lee (I’m more of a Jackie Chan person myself), Pinkberry, Canada (suck our ‘bigger’ dongs America!), being able to wear t-shirts to meetings, and of course THE FANS, amongst other things.