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A new Octagon Girl is coming

Another event going on at the UFC 100 expo is the Maxim Octagon Girl Search. Basically there’s gonna be a bunch of ‘prelim’ events in a couple of different cities and then a live vote with the finalists at the actual Expo. The winner gets an Octagon Girl contract, making me wonder if the UFC is going to have 4 girls now or that means one is about to exit stage right. Here’s the dates for the trials:

Phoenix, AZ – Saturday, July 4th – 11pm
Afterlife Nightclub – 4282 N Drinkwater Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

San Diego, CA – Sunday, July 5th – 2pm
IVY Hotel Pool – 600 F Street, San Diego, CA

Los Angeles & OC, CA – Sunday, July 5th – 5pm
XIV Restaurant Terrace Deck – 8117 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA

Miami, FL – Wednesday, July 8th – 10pm
Mansion Nightclub – 1235 Washington Ave, Miami, FL

Las Vegas, NV – Friday, July 10th – 1pm
Tao Beach – inside the Venetian Hotel 3355 Las Vegas Blvd., NV

I think our male readership should show up in chippendales outfits complete with little bow ties and suggest that the next placard holder need not be a girl. Hey, if I’m going to go all hardcore on equal rights for the women in MMA, it seems like I should carry the torch for guys as well.