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A kinder, gentler Matt Hughes

During his fighting days, Matt Hughes had a well-earned reputation of fear for not only his vicious grappling attack, but, well to be quite frank, also for being kind of a dick. He had an arrogance about him where you could totally see him being that teenage bully who hung out at the Dairy Queen after wrestling practice and took great pleasure in terrorizing the town sissies with atomic wedgies back in Lunchmeat, IL.

But now kinda, maybe, probably retired, Hughes seems much more grounded and humble. I suppose getting knocked out cold a few times will do that to a fellow. He recently spoke with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, and even though he was tossed a few meatballs that just begged for some dickish responses, Hughes kept it nice for the most part. So give the legend a listen for some sage commentary on injuries, PED’s, hunting, GSP, and check out Helwani’s crusade to single-handedly set back the revival of plaid a few decades.