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A Kenny Florian interview sneak peek

Here’s a quick taste of the Kenny Florian interview we did earlier today:

Does it annoy you when people accuse you of dropping down in weight classes just to get more title shots?

It does, yeah. People don’t use common sense when they think about this and the history of the sport. I had an opportunity to be on The Ultimate Fighter at middleweight despite being a chubby 175 pounder. I was never even 180 pounds when I fought on the show. People keep saying ‘You keep dropping down’, but I was never 185 or even 170. The only reason I fought at 170 pounds was because the UFC didn’t even have a lightweight division yet. Dana brought me into the office on the show and said ‘You’re a lightweight fighter – as soon as we have it, that’s where you will be fighting.’

Expect the full thing up tommorrow, including many of the questions you guys submitted though our Ask Kenny post!