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A Few Words From “The Fink”

The diet of a professional fighter is tough.

It takes a special kind of diet to be the best fighter in the world.

Sam Caplan over at Five Ounces caught up with everyone’s favorite crazy Russian, Vadim Finkelchtein, and basically drilled him with Fedor questions. The Cold War is over and I don’t think Caplan is a fan of Russian opera, so what else were they supposed to talk about?

“The Fink” basically reiterates the same talking points we’ve been hearing for well over a year: Fedor has had talks with the UFC, Fedor did not like the contract restrictions, Sambo is important to Fedor, Dana White killed a hooker back in ’87, the UFC is entirely at fault, and all that.

There were a few notable quotes that shed a little light on the situation.

The UFC was categorically opposed to really having Fedor do anything in his life unless the UFC was involved and unless he was doing it under the UFC banner.

Anything in his life? If Lorenzo and Dana took Fedor to a ball game and he had to go to the little boys room, did the contract say one of them would have to hold his hand and watch him leak? Vad, I’m sure the UFC was more opposed to Fedor doing anything fight related without the involvement of the UFC. After all, if they were paying the guy millions to fight for them, a Sambo competition or appearances at other events might effect their investment, don’t ya think? Sacrificing some freedoms for the huge exposure the UFC platform would give Fedor across the globe sounds reasonable to me, but what do I know. I’m just a silly blogger who sits in his underpants all day and eats Doritos.

There were terms in there about the UFC’s power to change opponents at any minute without Fedor’s permission where if he was fighting one opponent for a fight and then last minute they would switch another opponent.

I doubt that’s exactly what it said as top fighters have turned down fights in the past. Either way, it looks as though the UFC contract wouldn’t let Fedor hand pick his opponents. Too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing Fedor vs. Warpath in the Octagon.

We told them, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if Fedor is a part of the UFC and he’s the best heavyweight in the world and he happens to be Russian for us to do a show in Russia?” But it was never a demand.

I’m sure that’s exactly how the conversation went down. When asked to explain further, it probably sounded like this:

“Like, Fedor’s Russian, right? Well, me and Sergey had some pillow talk last night and were thinking how cool it would be if, like, Fedor fought in Russia. You know, since he’s Russian and all. We thought maybe, like, you guys would think that’s cool too. But if you don’t, it’s cool. Just sayin’. What’s that? I should pull my what out of my what?”