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A few WEC pictures

I was too busy enjoying the fights (in and out of the cage) to take too many pictures, but here are some to enjoy. Not exactly up on Esther’s level but she couldn’t make it out to Sac; you’ll have to make due with my skills. I didn’t get pictures of the substantial stuff either, so let me make that clear before you see them. Don’t worry though, I’ll tell those absolutely ridiculous stories soon. Some of the pictures admittedly suck, and that’s a result of the iPhone not having a built-in flash mechanism.

Jeff Sherwood setting up early next to the empty cage.

MEGA attention whore. Her and some other chic had neon green and pink signs I can guarantee were Faber-related without even seeing them.

Little did I know what would go on inside those doors…

Scott Jorgensen came up to my level after HE LOST (yes, 30-27 on my card) and used his facial injuries to try pulling some piece. These ladies, who were smoldering and all over the arena, just swarmed the dude while he was taking pictures with fans. I seriously saw some of them straight muzzle his neck. First you get jobs, then you get the khakis, then you can go to the upper level and get the chics.