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A few hours of freedom

Easy come, easy go: former cage fighter and alleged bank heist mastermind Lee Murray is back in a Moroccan jail, just a day after he was released.

“Lee was indeed rearrested right away, because the British Authorities did put [in] a formal request to the Moroccan Authorities to have him tried in Morocco for the alleged robbery,” his attorney Abdellah Benlamhidi told FanHouse via email.

The Feb. 22, 2006 Securitas bank depot heist in Tonbridge, England netted a gang of thieves over £53 million, or the equivalent of over $92 million US at the time.

It all seems rather convenient that Lee would be released without notice yesterday only to be immediately picked right back up. I was initially under the impression that perhaps he was the one manipulating the system but now it looks more like it was the British government.