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A drug free Joe Riggs is a good Joe Riggs

Damn, did Joe Riggs ever look good on Saturday’s Strikeforce card. His opponent didn’t have the greatest record, but was an experienced guy with fights against Jeremy Horn, Wanderlei Silva, and Mark Weir. I was expecting this fight to be a bit less one sided.

Of course, you could make the case that even the guys that wash out of the UFC are just way better than most guys in other organizations. Which is why it makes sense for Strikeforce to lock these guys up as soon as they get ditched. Of course, it’s a problem that these guys look at Strikeforce as a way back into the UFC rather than a home. And given that, it’s an even bigger problem when these guys want to fight your promotion’s main stars:

With the victory, Riggs (27-9) could be in line to test Cung Le (Pictures) later this year.

Oh boy, would that not be good for Strikeforce. Okay, it’s be great for PPV sales … Joe Riggs vs Cung Le is a fight I’d pay the 30 bucks to see. But it wouldn’t be good for Strikeforce because it hurts one of their key stars: Cung Le is just not ready for someone like Riggs.

Le took three rounds to defeat Tony Fryklund, who put up about as much defense as a punching bag, didn’t shoot for a takedown once, and basically let Le win. Riggs on the other hand isn’t interested in being a stepping stone for anyone. The only way Cung Le takes that fight is if Riggs gets caught (always a possibility) or if Strikeforce starts sneaking pain meds into Joe’s protein shake mix.

  • kentyman says:

    I wouldn’t blame Strikeforce for not taking someone with a “Serious Pimp” bumper sticker across their crotch very seriously.

  • garth says:

    the guy he fought was one of the dudes from “Rites of Passage”, wasn’t he? Eugene Jackson?
    Interesting dvd, they have it on netflix, tho only one of the two disc set. stupid!

  • kentyman says:

    This is what I was talking about.

  • Xavier says:

    He beat up a 41 year old. Whoopity.

    You know who’s great+awesome? Tito Ortiz. He did the same thing three times. Oh boy.

    Where’s the criticism of Cecil Peoples for his handling of that fight (and the other lower card one) as well? More hot Cecil action plz.

  • I expect amateur reffing at amateur shows. Dispite the locale of this event, it still seemed pretty damned amateur.

  • Thomas says:

    Its amazing who goods guys look when they leave Zuffa controlled territories. Like if there performance was some how enhanced

  • Tommy says:

    Pride started the same way for the most part. Look at the first 5-10 Pride events and every big name fought in the UFC. Don’t really matter if they use a good business plan it will pay off. I wish Strikeforces next ‘big’ announcement was the signing of Tito but that would probably bankrupt them.

  • hbdale309 says:

    I think this new and finally drug free Joe Riggs could walk through the UFC 185lbs division. Bad timing for him.

  • Well, he’s a good fighter but not the smartest guy ever. Cancelling his contract with Zuffa is like DUUUUUH I M STMART

  • stellar53 says:

    “I think this new and finally drug free Joe Riggs could walk through the UFC 185lbs division. Bad timing for him.”

    You my friend are an idiot….

  • Very deep. Food for thought for sure

  • kermit_01 says:

    I don’t know how dumb it was really. Face it, Joe had his butt handed to him in the UFC by guys that I’d call close to the front of the pack, but by no means the top guys in his division. So rather than racking up some more L’s against the UFC’s mid card division he jumped ship where he can add some wins. 2 or 3 years from now when his record looks more impressive after beating up on guys with records of 1-3 who just fought their last fights at a fairground during the corn festival– then he’ll be ready to come back to the UFC.. :-p