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A doctor that gets it

You may or not be aware that most doctors aren’t exactly the biggest fans of MMA. Most of them cite is as far too dangerous to support, along with a ton of other awesome fun like unprotected sex and drug use. Last time I checked though, a doctor is someone who’s supposed to heal me, not take some pious stance on what they consider ‘safe enough’ for me to do or not. So it’s nice to hear that doctor Sherry Wulkan, the ringside doctor at most major New Jersey shows, shares that opinion as well:

It’s taken a lot of serious sole searching to “feel clean” about my stance, especially because my colleagues who oppose combat sports pose this question to me frequently.

In my opinion, it is the job of a physician, no matter what the “high risk” activity, to educate a patient about the potential short and long term risks of his/her behavior, to guide his/her choices based on the participant’s particular history, (successes, defeats, set-backs, reality of goals) in addition to ensuring access to the highest level of medical care (short and long term). To me, there is no difference in a patient’s decision to sky or cliff dive, smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, have unprotected sex, or participate in boxing.

It should be the participant’s choice, as long as he/she has been well informed, has been given the time to think about, and to ask and discuss any pertinent questions, and has appropriately weighed the risk/benefit ratio of the chosen activity. It would be a serious mistake and a breach of medical ethic if doctors were to sit in judgment of every activity in which our patients engaged.

Wow, here’s a rare sight: someone that lives in America that feels people should be FREE to do what they want to do. Although it is worth noting that Sherry isn’t always so balanced. Her and Nick Lembo were the ones to questionably pull the plug on both the Kaitlin Young / Gina Carano and Scott Smith / Robbie Lawler fights at EliteXC’s Jersey show last year.