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A case of mass hysteria

NSAC head Keith Kizer has come out to pour a decent amount of water all over this damn GSP greasing scandal. Yes, he still implies that GSP’s cornermen are liable to get a bitchslap for the incident and it was pretty wack all around. But in explaining the situation, he cleared up my biggest concern: that GSP’s dominating win agaist BJ was because he was greased up.

“The first round, one of the inspectors that was on the outside of the cage came over to me and said it looked to him that when the cornerman, who I think in that case was Phil Nurse, put the Vaseline on Georges’ face then rubbed his shoulders — which you see the guys rubbing the other guy’s shoulders to help him out — he didn’t wipe off his hands between doing that. I said, ‘Well, I’m going to watch very closely after this round.'”

Kizer watched intently to see if the questionable actions would be repeated as the second round came to a close.

“At the end of the second round I watched, and then another cornerman who I believe was Greg Jackson, he put the Vaseline on Georges’ face, and then he put his hand on his back to do the breathing thing they always do,” Kizer said. “As soon as I saw that, it looked like there was still some Vaseline on his hand. Not a lot, but still some.

“Tony Liano and I immediately yelled at him, and I don’t think he heard us because of the noise. So I actually went into the octagon, and I said, ‘Take your hand off of his back. What are you doing?’ We wiped it down. We made sure it was wiped down after the third round as well. This was after the second when I was in there. I was very upset. I don’t know if they were doing it intentionally or not. Either way, they shouldn’t have done it.”

So even if there was intentional cheating going on, the NSAC was right there to negate it. And I dunno about you, but the fact that the NSAC was right up in the faces of GSP’s cornermen and they were still doing the backrub thing makes me think the whole thing was dumb but innocent. It’s one thing to try and get away with shit out in the open, but another to keep it up after ‘getting caught’.

Anyways, after a good night’s sleep and some deep thought, I’m starting to think everyone just got wrapped up in a bit of mass hysteria. Yes, the allegations are serious and yes we need to stay vigilant to make sure we don’t end up with a scandal of the month like boxing. But we didn’t even wait 24 hours for all the important people to lay out the real facts before completely freaking the fuck out.

I feel responsible for pimping the hysteria … we were pouring fuel on the fire right along with everyone else all day. I suppose it’s a limitation on the blogging form: we’re here to react to news as it comes out, and sometimes when we have only half of the story it makes for a completely overblown narrative. All I can offer is that whenever something like that happens, we’ll be there afterwards to take a deep breath, calm down, and admit we blew everything out of proportion.