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9/11 from the perspective of an Afghan fighter

Afghan fighter Siyar Bahadurzada commemorates 9/11 with this heartfelt letter telling people not to hate the Afghan people … hate Arabs instead!

The issue that bothers me, an Afghan MMA fighter, the most is that Osama Bin Laden, this Arab moron (meaning he is not an Afghan and Afghans are NOT Arabs) spread so much hate between people that this costs people’s lives still today; the innocent Afghans, as well as the heroic soldiers who fight terrorism! Osama Bin Laden has made it hard for every Muslim to speak openly about their religion and say proudly which religion they are practicing. It’s even hard for Muslims to get a job and most people feel terrible about their (islamic) names since this terrible day… You know why?!

Yes, exactly… Osama bin Laden messed it up for the entire world and especially for the Muslims and Afghans!

So I would like to show my sincere compassion to the people who has lost their loved ones on spetember the 11th! There is nothing or no one to replace their loved ones and it is a scare in their heart and soul which will heal only with time. I wish them still lots of strength with their loss! On the other hand… I would like to say screw you Osama Bin Laden! You stupid Arab prick ruined the image of Muslims and especially the image of Afghans. We, all openminded and educated Muslims, hate you! Hopefully you do not breath now and the rain has cleaned your dead rests from the surface of the earth! You, as an Arab, has made it hard for Afghans on the face of the earth and every time Afghans travel to USA, the get treated like Borats retarded brother! We owe this to you, you selfish prick! You provided an undying fuel source for hate and the dirty political games!

All joking aside, it’s actually quite a nice note and hopefully reminds some people that Muslims and Middle Easterners are not The Enemy. Save your rage for the small number of pricks that actually are threats. And try not to judge those who ‘hate America’ too harshly because we have a pretty big pile of ignorant cock holes on our side who are just as ignorant and full of irrational hate as they are.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i hate everyone including Muslims, Christians, Jews and especially Buddhists… buncha pussies

  • jjdnb says:

    as an afghan muslim, i agree but work on the english bro! lol

  • glassjawsh says:

    the best part about 9/11 was arguing with drunk hillbillies in the streets of chicago when i was protesting the war. “if you disagree with any part of public policy, you hate freedom you fucking faggot!” I used to wear a “fuck war” patch on my shorts and got chased out of a mall in south bend by 2 rednecks who claimed to have lost “37 buddies” in iraq.

    durrrrrrrr. if they’d really lost 37 friends when they were in iraq they’d have hated war more than all the pot smoking hippies/angry anti-government punks combined

  • Strike Witch says:

    9/11 was like thirty years ago get over it

  • bradford621 says:

    i point to my sister and tell my brother billo *pointing at her crotch* “you never get this ! you never get this!”

  • glassjawsh says:

    strike witch = take it easy!

  • Strike Witch says:

    damn this nigga is like is sherlock holmes or some shit

  • Strike Witch says:

    shame i wasn’t prescient enough to make my join date 9/11 that would have been cool