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I like Meltzer

I gotta say, the more I read from Dave Meltzer the more I like the guy. Meltzer has been the average fight fan’s Jesus for years … just attribute a quote to him and it’s gospel. Of course, half the shit he used to report was only available through a for-pay pro wrestling newsletter (eeew), which led to many people just making shit up and passing it off with “Meltzer said it”.

And while I hear Davey boy is still doing his Wrestling Observer thang, I now get to read a lot more of his work over at Yahoo. And that shit is good. His latest column is a great summary of everything the IFL has done wrong. If you don’t feel like reading it, the IFL’s situation is summed up in this one paragraph:

Larkin noted all sports leagues are going to lose money with startup costs, and that the current owners of UFC lost $44 million over four years before turning a profit. But UFC struggled until getting its Spike TV deal, and then its fortunes turned around immediately. IFL had a national small network deal in its first full year.