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8 fights to warm you up for GSP vs Condit

The UFC has been strangely resistant about putting fights up on YouTube, as if giving away a few fights for free will somehow tank the perceived value of their fight library or something. But lately they’ve started to come over to the dark side, and now for UFC 154 they’ve fully embraced YouTube fights as a promotional tool for Georges St Pierre vs Carlos Condit. The above video isn’t really a video but a link menu that lets you choose from 8 different free fights to watch:

  • Georges St Pierre vs Jay Hieron
  • Georges St Pierre vs Frank Trigg
  • Georges St Pierre vs Matt Hughes
  • Georges St Pierre vs Matt Serra
  • Carlos Condit vs Rory MacDonald
  • Carlos Condit vs Dan Hardy
  • Carlos Condit vs Dong Hyun Kim
  • Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz

The fights are all unlisted for some reason and I’m sure they’ll disappear once they’ve served their purpose of promoting the fight, but it’s still nice to see the UFC slowly embrace free fights on youtube as a regular thing. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll actually create and promote highlight videos of the fighters on their roster.